5 Reasons to Use Shalimar Signature Luxury Emulsion in Your Home

5 Reasons to Use Shalimar Signature Luxury Emulsion in Your Home

When it comes to painting a house, we all have different needs and preferences. While some are looking to get the job done without breaking the bank, others look for the best in terms of appeal. Shalimar Signature Luxury emulsion promises both, and more. If you are planning to paint your home to get a premium appeal, you cannot go wrong with Shalimar Signature Luxury emulsion. But don’t just take our words for it. Read on as we present five undeniable reasons to use the luxury emulsion in your house painting project.

1. Luxurious Appeal

The paint film used in Signature Luxury Emulsion gives your walls a new look that stays as good as new for years to come. You can also give your walls a unique blend of color finishes that complement with Signature paint for a contemporary finish. Consider other complementary colors such as Bubbly Soft, White Asparagus, and Snow White, Saddle Tan, Cider Brown, and Brick House. You can use the color samples to choose the colors that suit your preferences.

2. Low VOC

Oil-based paints usually contain Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) that can cause several health concerns, such as skin irritation, nose and throat discomfort, headache, allergic skin reaction, and difficulty in breathing. The majority of VOCs in oil-based paint is released as it dries, but paint can keep releasing them for years. The eco-friendly Signature contains minimum harmful elements to protect your family from the harmful emission. Low VOC paint produces lesser odor, and also dries much quicker than traditional paints.

3. Extended Lifespan

Painting a house is a notable investment, so it goes without saying that you would want to get the most from it. The toughness of pure acrylic binder used in Signature Luxury Emulsion enhances its durability, by preventing the formation of cracks and other blemishes. The emulsion is also stain resistant, which gives it exceptional longevity, along with minimal maintenance requirements.

4. Superior Stain Resistance

Walls are quite susceptible to staining and dirt from household items, such as tea, coffee ketchup ice cream, shoe polish, cooking oil, and ink. The Signature Luxury Emulsion, a high-quality solution, is not porous in nature, which means it has high resistance to stains. The reason is, it has high latex that has more binder, which helps prevent stains from penetrating the painted surface.

5. Crack Bridging Property

Concrete is alkaline in nature, and any coating that is not alkaline resistant will breakdown from the alkaline in concrete. It also contains a permanent amount of free moisture that can evaporate or be absorbed depending on the relative humidity in which the structure exists. Signature Luxury Emulsion has a tensile strength making it an excellent adhesion or sufficient breathability and does not crack or blister.

The Final Word

Painting a house is a long-term investment, which is why it is important to focus more on the “value” you are going to get, rather than the cost or expense that you will have to bear. While the market is flooded with countless brands offering cheap paint for homes, do not get lured by their low cost as quality never comes cheap. As a leader in the domain of paints in India, Shalimar is committed to helping you get the most out of your investment, that too without having to splurge on the project. If you have any questions about our home paints or house painting services, fill out our contact form or simply call 1800-103-650.