Answering Commonly Asked Questions about Exterior Primer

Exterior wall primer is an important preparatory coating to be applied on all surfaces before the application of wall paint. Be it improved adhesion of paint or the additional protection to the underlying surface, applying a coat of exterior primer before wall painting has several noteworthy benefits. The use of exterior wall primers becomes especially important when painting walls in a DIY-method. While professionals can do away without applying a primer in some cases, DIY-paint jobs require a coating of primer before the application of wall paints for the best results. Continuing on the subject, in this blog, we discuss three commonly asked questions about exterior wall primer. Read on.

What is the Role of an Exterior Primer?

Primers are best defined as a preliminary coating applied to surfaces before painting. By forming a primary layer over the area where wall paints are to be applied, primers end up providing an excellent surface for the application of wall paints. Coating walls with primers prior to painting, therefore, offers a number of benefits including improved adhesion of paint, long-lasting paint work, and increased protection of the painted surface.

When Should You Use an Exterior Primer?

Exterior primers, as we mentioned earlier, are a must when painting the DIY-way. Owing to their multiple advantages, it is advisable to apply a coating of primer before painting on any exterior surface. Coming to DIY-painting in specific, any signs of immature paint work such as uneven brush strokes or blotchy spots can be covered up by the help of exterior wall primer. Painting jobs that do not involve a precautionary primer coating often end up suffering from blemishes, craters, and blisters. Uneven surfaces, in specific, require a prior primer coating without fail to ensure that the final output is pleasing and spot-free.

Shalimar range of exterior wall primers such as the ‘Shakti Primer’ and ‘Shalimar Exterior Acrylic Wall Primer’ offer features such as excellent adhesion, reduced patchiness, and good coverage overall.

Does Primer Have an Influence on the Overall Appearance After Painting?

The exterior primer has a strong influence on the overall appearance of surfaces post painting. When working with porous surfaces such as wood or concrete, application and benefits of primer become increasingly apparent. Not applying a coating of primer prior to painting wooden surfaces can end up having negative effects and would require you to apply multiple coatings of wooden paint over and again. By choosing the right kind of primer that goes well with the exterior surface you are painting on, you can get a lasting paint job which not only looks good but also stays intact for a long time to come.

The Last Word

Whether you’re doing a DIY-painting project or opting for a professional paint job, application of exterior wall primer can be a wise decision. Be it the extended lifespan of a paint coat or the added protection to your exterior surfaces, you cannot go wrong by applying the best exterior wall primer you can find. When looking for painting solutions such as paints, primers, emulsions, or putty, look no further than Shalimar Paints. Known for a rich heritage and legendary legacy, Shalimar Paints is India’s leading paint brand offering top-notch paint products. To learn more about our range of products or discuss your requirement, simply call 1800-103-6509 or fill out our contact form and we will take it from there.