A Basic Comparison of 3 Popular Shalimar Professional Metal Enamels

When looking for professional metal enamels, it is important to take the correct pick from the different available options. Shalimar Paints give you access to different types of premium quality alkyd enamel-based paints for metal surfaces in countless colour options. You have nine types from which to choose your favourite colour – General Purpose Synthetic Enamel, Superlac Premium High Gloss Enamel, Superlac Synthetic Enamel, Mela Synthetic Enamel, Superlac Satin Finish Enamel, HR Aluminium Paint, Lustrol Aluminium Paint, IS Aluminium Paint, and GP Aluminium Paint. Here is a closer look at some of the basic differences between three of these options.

1. General Purpose Synthetic Enamel

General Purpose Synthetic Enamel, as the name implies, is a general-purpose industrial synthetic enamel designed for on-steel concrete and wooden substrates. It gives high opacity and its high gloss effect renders a rich sheen. Other desirable attributes include providing a uniform and long-lasting film as well as better coverage.

2. Superlac Premium High Gloss Enamel

Superlac Premium High Gloss Enamel is a modified alkyd-based premium enamel that also promises a smooth high gloss finish. You can also expect high opacity, quick-drying features for a lasting finish. It is the right choice when looking for eco-friendly professional metal enamels that deliver excellent coverage, a mirror-like gloss, as well as tough finish.

2. Superlac Synthetic Enamel

Superlac Synthetic Enamel is also a modified alkyd based enamel that gives you a smooth high gloss finish. It gives you all the benefits of Superlac Premium High Gloss Enamel such as high opacity, excellent coverage, quick-drying features, as well as containing zero added lead, zinc, arsenic, or chromium.

  GP Synthetic Enamel SP High Gloss Enamel Superlac Synthetic Enamel
Available Pack Sizes 20 Liter 1ltr, 4lte, 10lts, & 20ltr 20 Liter
Shelf Life 2 Years from manufacture 3 Years from manufacture 3 Years from manufacture
Available Colors 1000+ Shades 1000+ Shades 1000+ Shades
Finish Glossy & Smooth Glossy & Smooth Glossy & Smooth
Gloss Level 80 +/- 5 Degree GH on Tin Plate 80 +/- 5 Degree GH on Tin Plate 80 +/- 5 Degree GH on Tin Plate
Coverage 130-135 SOFT/LITRE 180-220 SOFT/LITRE/COAT 150-170 SOFT/LITRE/COAT

Last Word

Always remember to take the necessary precautions when applying professional metal enamels. They include not applying the paint for metal surfaces when the ambient temperature is less than 10oC or when humidity exceeds 90%. Our team of experts is always on hand to help you with your requirements. Talk to us today about your metal enamels and other available professional metal primer paints. Your search for superior quality ends at Shalimar Paints. Call us on 1800 103 6509 or email us at feedback@shalimarpaints.com.