An Introductory Guide to Wood Painting

An Introductory Guide to Wood Painting

Discarding old furniture and getting new ones is not always the right option. In many cases, it is better to resurface the old furniture, and nothing beats painting for the purpose. If you don’t have prior experience in painting wooden furniture, you can always get started with some expert painting tips. Choose a professional wood paint from a wide range of options available with Shalimar Paints and reclaim your furniture! To help, in this article, we provide some useful guidelines for painting wooden furniture. Read on.

How is Painting Wood Different from Painting Other Surfaces?

Wood paint gives you the freedom to change the look of your furniture easily, so that you don’t get bored sticking to the same style for a long time. However, you should know that painting wooden furniture is far different from painting walls or other surfaces. While a thin coat of wall paint might last for years, it will not for your bookshelf, doors, or bed.

DHow to Paint Wood to Get a Professional Finish?

Depending on how you previously handled your wooden items, painting wood wrongly might result in a muddy-looking colour or flakes. The level of sanding work by you serves as the deciding factor for your painting project, whether it will work. Once the wooden object seems smooth and all traces of the old finish goes away, remove all the dust by clearing the surface with the help of a warm microfiber cloth.

Post cleaning, treat your furniture with a professional wood primer. A primer acts as a bonding agent between the paint and the wood item. A primed object usually requires fewer coats of paint, saving your money and time in the long run as primer costs you a lesser amount than paint. Apply a light coat of primer and let it dry following the manufacturer’s instructions. Thereafter, apply multiple coats of the wood paint. Choose white primer if you plan to go for light-paint colours, else use a darker primer shade.

Wrap Up

Professional wood paint gives your furniture a whole new look with little effort and investment. Following the guidelines mentioned above will help you carry out a successful DIY paint project without any professional wood painters. Shalimar Paints offers the best paint for wood to suit your style and interiors. To discuss your requirements with our experts, simply call 18001036509 or fill out our contact form and we will take it from there.