Painting Your House? Here Are Some Important Guidelines

Painting the walls of your house without the help of professional painting services can be an arduous task unless you are well aware of some of the important dos and don’ts that make it all a breeze. Following a systematic approach when painting the walls of your house can make the task less laborious, fast, and more interesting. As much as it is crucial to gain knowledge about different professional paints, textures, and colors, you must also know what you need to make the process more streamlined. In this blog, we discuss some of the notable dos and don’ts of wall painting to help you revive your home décor in a hassle-free manner:


  • Wear an old pair of clothes and shoes so that you are not concerned about getting them dirty from paint. The clothes that you wear should also allow you to move freely.
  • When painting, you must have the right tools to bring your creativity to life. Our team at Shalimar can assist you in choosing the right equipment for a successful and hassle-free project.
  • It is important to know the amount of paint that is required to paint your house. Seek guidance from professional painting services providers and calculate the approximate amount and get it mixed all at once.
  • It is suggested to prime the walls if you are painting the wall for the first time, or changing it from one extreme color to another.


  • More than anything, it is crucial to choose the right day to start your project. Do not paint your walls on a rainy or humid day, as it might take much longer than usual for the walls to fry.
  • Don’t neglect the equipment that you use to paint. The brushes and rollers must be cleaned if you are planning to reuse them as it will cut down on unnecessary expenses.
  • Don’t neglect to follow a methodical approach to your project. First, paint the ceiling, then the walls, trim, and finally the doors. Failure to follow the order leads to clumsy results and also denies the paint adequate time to dry.
  • If the walls are covered with wallpaper, do not forget to get rid of it. The wallpaper will loosen when you paint over it, giving your walls an undesirable finish and short lifespan.
  • Do not select too many or starkly contrasting colors to paint a single room as doing so can make it look cluttered. Take the help of a professional painting services provider if you wish to get impeccable results.

Wrap Up

Following the guidelines mentioned above will help you in executing a successful and hassle-free DIY paint project in the absence of professional painting services. You can always get help from our team at Shalimar to better navigate available professional paints and choose great combinations for the desired application. Check out our rich Color Palette and discuss your requirements with our experts at 18001036509. You can also email us at or fill out our Contact Form.